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We are residential letting and full managing agents covering South and West Cambridgeshire UK. Our sole aim is to provide high quality customer service to help individuals and companies find the property they are searching for and to assist landlords in keeping occupancy rates high by retaining good responsible tenants. Our substantial property portfolio is of excellent quality and we have the experience resources and skills to deliver what landlords and tenants require.

Rental trends higher mortgage deposits people continue to see renting as practical and flexible

Overall demand for rental property remains positive as the realities of higher mortgage deposit requirements and the reduced supply of mortgage finance make it more challenging than ever to get into property ownership. Is there a cultural change afoot in the UK? With a very much smaller percentage of rental houses compared with owner occupier compared to other European countries where renting is even more popular, research suggests the popularity of renting in the UK should continue to build. This coupled with early stage evidence of a shortage of smaller properties to buy has we feel contributed to the continuing demand for quality rental property. Generally speaking rents have held up well in this location with upward pressure on rent values due to increased demand due to the slow down in house building, reduced supply of suitable residential mortgage finance and continuing uncertainties on the homes sales market

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